Saturday, February 13, 2010

Go Canada!

I have to say I felt a surprising wash of pride as I witnessed the (very well done IMHO) opening ceremonies tonight. Although there are always parts of these shows that drag a little or don’t quite work, on the whole I spent most of my time quite mesmerized and just couldn’t believe how well the complicated projection and stagecraft worked out. My IATSE friends probably feel the same!

I daresay that was one of the most memorable openings to the spectacle that I can recall, and though we had some obvious choices for the guest stars, I thought in particular that KD Lang did a superb job, among others. The whole thing worked well IMO and I think there is now no doubt that Vancouver has put the world on notice that it is a world-class city on par with the others.

Now if we could just get some real snow, everything would be perfect! :)