Monday, February 15, 2010

The Butt of My Own Jokes

So once again I have trod the boards at Phillips Comedy Night, and the following video proves it. Might be a sensitive subject for some, so be aware of that before you crank up the speakers.


Anonymous said...


New blog theme - hideous! And your images are now distorted.

Ads - awful! Monetized blogs suck

Have you taken leave of your senses or am I communicating with the eeeevil Anti-CHAS®?

chas_m said...

Per the new blog theme, what can I say -- I get bored every year or two.

Yes, the images are now distorted on the "teaser" (this template uses teases to increase clickthrough). I may try to fix it, I may live with it, I may change the template again in a few days. I'm just trying it on like a suit. :)

The images are NOT distorted when clicking through to read the whole entry.

Regarding ads: I've chosen to put ads on some of my blogs, but inadvertently put them on here too. Oops. I've removed them from this blog.

Thanks for the comments!

Anonymous said...

Much better theme. Don't like the South Park illo but otherwise fine. I'm down on right wing snark. Way down. In fact, I'm down on snark, period.