Tuesday, October 16, 2007

We were wrong...so, so, so wrong. The drought is really bad!!!

The drought has lowered Lake Lanier by 28 feet! Chas had thought maybe 10 feet, but granted we were driving over the lake at 55+ mph speeds. From an article in the New York TImes...

"In the Atlanta metropolitan area, which has more than four million people, worst-case analyses show that the city’s main source of water, Lake Lanier, could be drained dry in 90 to 121 days."

The rest of the article is here.

Word has it that Tallulah Gorge has been affected severely as well, as the drought seems to be widerspread than we had originally thought, but seems to still be ok for tourists (from what I read earlier on it), as now more of the gorge is visible with the reduced water coverage and I guess the hikers like that . We shall see, as we still plan to go before we leave here, heading to Asheville.