Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Homeless and unemployed...

...but it still feels like a vacation to us. Perhaps because we are only a week and a half into our trip so far. My last paycheck came out this past Friday, and being sent to my mom to get to me. Hopefully our deposit will arrive soon too. Once the money stops coming, then maybe it won't feel like vacation anymore...just two crazy homeless and unemployed folks heading to Canada on the trip of a lifetime.

In this short week and a half though, we've seen and done a lot!! I think one of the things that has stayed with me as we journey so far goes back to FDR's "little white house" exhibit from Warm Springs, GA. One of the things that FDR did was to introduce the Rural Electrification Act, as a result of his time in Warm Springs. He was used to electricity in the cities, but when he was in Warm Springs there was none, and it cost him 4 times more than what he paid in Hyde Park, NY. We have been driving a lot of back roads, and so I have noticed all the electrical poles and such, and think back to FDR with that. My admiration for that man grows.

We have been in several rural areas so far. The drive to Pine Mounain for example, took us off the interstate. We saw a handful of deer on the side of the road. We drove over the Tennessee River and have seen many a great valley. The view of Huntsville from the Burritt Mansion was lovely, as was the drive up there. There have been lots of hills and mountains, and mostly green trees, though there have been some lovely red leaved trees here and there. No fall colors just yet...still a bit too warm for that I think. But soon, as we make our way north. What has been tragic though, is the amount of drought stricken areas we have passed through. We've seen dried up rivers and lakes...Lake Lanier is about 10 feet lower than normal, Chas said. There was another one, Alatoona Lake I think it was called, that was severely low. Just awful.

We're in Cornelia, GA at the moment, though it looks as though there *might* be some rain, which would be wonderful. I wonder how/if the drought has affected Tallulah Gorge/Falls. We went there about a year ago when we came here for Chas's dad's funeral. Jim and Sue (from Asheville) had come down to be with us and suggested we picnic there, after the service and all...it was a welcome diversion and we thank them dearly for that bit of peace at a time when our hearts and minds were a flutter. We may be stopping there tomorrow for a bit of r&r. :)

We have a few things to do here in Cornelia, and then on to Asheville. And then to DC. I have never been to DC. I imagine we will have a lot to do there. More time for us to play tourist. :P

PS Stay tuned kids, as I know Chas is preparing stuff for the web gallery from the Huntsville Botanical Garden and Burritt Mansion from last Sunday. Maybe even a post from him on the Unclaimed Baggage Center in Scottsboro, AL. Linkage will be soon I think.