Friday, September 21, 2007

A sad week...

Monday I typed up and handed in my letter of resignation.

Tuesday I filled out and signed my separation paperwork with my manager.

Wednesday I had my exit interview. I was asked more questions than usual since I was doing so well.

Thursday I had my last team meeting. I brought maple candies and maple creme cookies to share with them.

Today I had a tight feeling in my chest. My heart felt very heavy as emotions are tugging every which way.

My last day will be Monday October 1st. Only 6 more days at work.

I am sad. I am willingly leaving a company that I thoroughly enjoy working for. I tried to see if they could keep me on as a remote employee...set me up with a laptop, I provide a high speed connection, and they fly me in every few months for an eval. Didn't happen though. :(

It isn't just me walking away from a great job either. I have to hope and have faith that it will all be for the greater good of the move and that we will find good jobs with great co-workers and so on once we get to Victoria.