Sunday, September 23, 2007


Apartment Movers came today. At like, 8:45 this morning. And I woke up with a migraine at 7:45am. Yay. I took an excedrin and slept about 30 minutes more to take the edge off.

They took the china cabinet that I inherited from my grandma...still have to figure out what to do with table and chairs though.

They took the bigger sofa...the loveseat and recliner are still here.

They took the big dresser and the tall dressers from our bedroom. The mirror was donated to the dumpster.

They took one of the coffee tables from a set of three Chas' dad made us for our wedding.

They took Chas' A-frame computer desk, which was also made by his dad, long long ago.

The rest of the furniture will be taken care of next weekend.

Together he and the two guys from Apartment movers went to the storage unit, unpacked everything that was being stored and took away everything that we weren't keeping and took the rest to Thriftko. Chas then repacked everything in the storage unit with the addition of the furniture that we are keeping. We have tried to donate as much stuff as we possibly can to Thriftko and friends, but we still find ourselves throwing an awful lot away. If we think someone in the complex might like something, even if it is not fully functional (ie the stereo cd player...the cd player doesn't work anymore) we are leaving it by the dumpster rather than in. If someone wants it, they can have it.

While Chas and the the guys from Apartment movers were gone, I cleaned up the guest bedroom enough that we could get to the furniture to move it, since our upstairs neighbors bought the set from us for their daughter (who happens to work at BHN with me, but in Customer Care). Chas offered the bed too, which they took. I misunderstood and told them they could have whatever was in the room, which included a small and cheap dvd rack and some audio equipment. I was not supposed to get rid of that, but oh well,it would have gone into our storage unit anyway, and we are rapidly losing space in the unit.

We got all of our dvd's packed, including a little grab bag of stuff we are taking with us on the road. We also got the H-Z cds packed. That may not sound like much, but in a collection with around 2000 or so cds, that is a lot.

We still have to deliver our old TV which is one of the last, if not THE last model made as a console know, the kind with the wood around it? We have a few people with their eye on our hdtv, so that is good.

We still have our hands full for the next week, but I feel very satisfied about our progress today.