Thursday, September 20, 2007

Can I Panic Now? Well, How About Now?

Ten days and counting and there still seems like a lot to do. Bit by bit the stuff around here is getting filed into Thrown Away, Sold, Stored or Will Take With Us, but there's just an alarming amount of stuff still here.

To that end, I’ve called in some movers to come help us this Sunday. Ironically, they will probably spend very little time at our house -- these guys are experts at getting heavy furniture out of apartments -- but much more time helping me take out and then put back (in a more compact manner) all the items already in the storage unit so we can try to fit everything we want in there.

We’ve also decided firmly to stay in town a few extra days beyond our lease end to tie up any loose ends and further purge the storage unit thanks to a generous offer by some friends. This will really allow us a chance to catch our breath after what will surely be a last-minute frenzy to get everything out of the old place, and we are so pleased to have a few more minutes for last-minute goodbyes.

This will also ensure that Heather gets her passport in time, that we can tackle any last-minute snafus at a more leisurely pace, and that we can "hit the road" at the time of our choosing rather than on a deadline. Whew.