Friday, August 31, 2007

Now in Victoria ...

We arrived in Victoria yesterday after a perfectly awesome boat ride and buffet lunch. We checked in to the legendary Paul's Motor Inn, a cheap (but not flophouse cheap) hotel that has been serving travelers will to put up with a little -- eccentricity -- since 1938.

We did a walk around the area and ended up going to the Chinatown edition of Noodle Box, a Asian-fusion hole-in-the-wall chain Heather and I have been to before. There's not a lot on the menu that I can safely eat, but what there is is just delicious. Again, pictures are up on the web gallery.

The next day we had to change rooms (no particular reason -- like I said, Paul's is a little eccentric), and because of a combination of poor weather (ie some rain) and Liz's jaw hurting (she broke a tooth just before we left, and we think she's grinding her teeth when she sleeps), we decided to stay in for a while and just unwind.

Mid-afternoon I went to Old Vic for fish and chips (a tradition!) and got Liz some poutain (poo-teen), a Canadian delicacy (hand-cut fries, cheese curds and gravy melted on top). Yum.

We'll keep you posted on tonight and tomorrow's activities.