Thursday, August 30, 2007

Greetings from Vancouver!

As aforementioned, I am writing this from Vancouver, where I am vacationing with my friend Liz and doing a bit of reconnaisance work ahead of our move. I should have a small web gallery of photos up shortly, and I'll update this entry when it's "live."

EDIT: And here ya go. Only a few pics up now, but more coming.

In the meantime, let me just say that the weather has been frickin' gorgeous ever since we got here about 36 hours ago. Though we both packed light sweaters and windbreakers, so far there's been no need for them.

Yesterday we got around the city pretty well, and largely on foot! We spent our lunchtime and early afternoon at Granville Island (mostly the Public Market -- an absolutely incredible place to visit, as the pics will show), then went to the very east end of Vancouver proper to get our ferry to Victoria booked, taking in Science World, and then headed out on foot through Chinatown, Gastown, and finally ending up at Canada Place. The scenery throughout was lovely, we got too much sun, and even the crazy homeless people we would occasionally encounter were cheery and helpful.

After all that walking, we decided to chill out in the lounge of the Canada Place Hotel for a while. The concierge there knows her stuff -- we decided to have Asian for dinner and she pointed us to the Karmei Royal, a Japanese restaurant that had excellent sushi. The toro (fatty tuna) and beni (local sockeye salmon) were particularly excellent, but everything was great.

Sadly, we did not get to ride the Skytrain around the city as hoped, but we'll do that when we return in a few days. We took the bus back to Richmond (where we're staying, bleah) and crashed early. This morning we head out to Victoria, and you know what that means ... another blog entry real soon! Stay tuned!


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