Monday, August 20, 2007

Chas' Recon plans...

Chas' trip to Vancouver and Victoria is coming up fast...about a week from now, and I know he is looking forward to it. I'm sure he will post about it soon as well. He is under strict orders from me, since I will not be going with him on this trip, to get LOTS of pictures and video of Victoria. He just got a uber awesome deal on some video cassettes...lots of video tapes. I expect he will go wandering around downtown as well as James Bay and Fairfield where Cook Street Village is, and Beacon Hill Park. That should be prime time to capture the city and neighborhoods. With any hope, the pictures will be up either while he is on the trip, or shortly after. I don't have much hope for having videos online anytime soon as he has yet to edit so many others, but perhaps this time will be different. ;)