Monday, September 3, 2007

Cook Street Village

I had a few places in mind for Chas and Liz to scout out and look at while in Victoria on his trip. On the list were James Bay and Fairfield (and in particular, Cook Street Village, which is a small section of Fairfield). Here is what he said:

As I read your email about Cook St., I am sitting in The Beagle Pub on Cook Street and Oxford.

A lucky unlocked Internet network allows me to tell you that Cook Street between Dallas and Oxford is GORGEOUS, though I haven't seen much for rent yet.

I hope the rest of Cook Street is this nice, lots of little shops and whatnot. Its a GREAT AREA -- hope we can find something affordable here. Full report later.


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I had heard a lot of good things about the area from the Victoria community I am in, and I also heard that there were reasonably priced apartments there, and that there was a lot of residential property in the area too. My little book on Victoria neighborhoods did a small profile and mentioned the area too. Hopefully we *will* be able to find something nice and affordable there too. :)

The pictures remind me of Park Avenue near where we live now. The picture of the Moka House looks like it would fit right in with the other shops on Park Avenue. Here is a larger shot of the Moka house.

This is what says about Cook Street Village (pics above are from the same site too)...

"Cook Street Village is the hub of the Fairfield Neighbourhood. The Village is located at the southern end of Cook Street. It is only a short walk from the east side of Beacon Hill Park. Two blocks past the village, at the end Cook Street, is the Dallas Road Walkway.

The Cook Street Village is a quaint, tree-lined enclave of shops and restaurants, and includes a bank, pub, two coffee houses, VQA wine shop, pharmacy, bakery, collectable shops, post office, grocery stores, video store, fine restaurant, café, juice bar, laundry mat, book store, drycleaners, hair salons and a Fish & Chip shop. "

Listings with red tabs are some of the buisnesses in the village to point out the area; they shaded downtown in the map, so you can see the relation of this area to downtown too...

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Some pictures from

More pics, from (The Beagle Pub the above email is from is shown here.)

Some neat things I have seen so far on my search via Google...

Lifestyle Markets...this looks very like a very Heddo-friendly place.

Cook Street Village Health Centre...again very me, but I bet the Mr could be happy to go there too. :)

Although we have a lot of dvds, Pic A Flic Video looks promising.

Guess that is it for now. Hope you all enjoy! And don't forget the has been updated today and includes over 60 pictures now (including a few videos...they take a while to load, just so ya know)!