Thursday, April 22, 2010

Springing Back Into Action

Ah, the rather dull grays of winter are subsiding and spring is busting out all over. Seasons (yes, even winter) are part of why we moved up here, but of course one has to have one’s favourites, and so far I think I’d rank winter last, except when it snows. But spring and summer here are lovely and that beauty is peeking out more and more each day.

In addition to seeing more animals around (though I still haven’t gotten a decent photo of any of the local deer), the flora and fauna is revving up, the sun is out a bit more often (for at least half the day now), the days are definitely longer, and the first trickle of tourists are starting to show up. Living in Victoria is a lot like living in any other “seasonal” tourist town -- it’s like a circus that never moves. At some mysterious point, the whole town refocuses on getting “the big shows” up and running for the visitors, tidying things up, repairing the damage of the winter storms and so forth.

Ironically, having been hometown-bound all winter, we’re actually going to be travelling a bit more over the summer and fall than we have for a while. Mostly short-range trips at first, but a couple of hops down to the States are in the works as well as exploring a little more of our island, maybe some of the other islands and possibly a bit more of the mainland (as circumstances allow).

In the meantime, enjoy this album of photos taken over the last few weeks showing off some of the sights of springtime. Here’s a few sample shots: