Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oh, this IS Christmas!

How delightful to see new Doctor Who star Matt Smith interviewed in the pages of our local paper (actually the interview was done for the company that owns our local paper, and appeared throughout Canada, but nevermind!).

Doctor Who got back on TV in 2005, with help in part (though often very unsung) from the CBC, and while I’m not aware of the Doctor having ever visited Canada, perhaps that’s my job and they’re waiting patiently for my (brilliant) script.

In the meantime, we’ve just started watching the season as it airs here -- it’s important to show the networks here that we’re supporting it being on TV -- and so far it’s doing very well. As a very long-time fan, I’m enjoying Smith’s performance tremendously, not least because he weaves in a lot of aspects of my all-time favourite Doctor, the second one (Patrick Troughton). Others will see a lot of Peter Davison in there as well, and I have to say there are some rather clever echoes of Tennant and Eccleston lightly dabbed in here and there. A measured performance that looks utterly bonkers, that’s fine acting if you can pull it off, and Smith seems able to.

It doesn’t hurt matters that the companion is a Scottish stunner of a lassy, either.

Almost since the day we arrived in Canada we’ve been gently hooking our friends on the show, and the reaction has generally been very positive, particularly with the kids. They also love The Sarah Jane Adventures. These two shows really do make for fantastic family entertainment, and I note with amusement that even some of my older friends have gotten hooked (even some who used to tease me endlessly about it).

If you haven’t yet succumbed, give it a try. I of course have always thought it’s one of the best concepts in the history of drama ever, but particularly since 2005 when the BBC finally acknowledged its cultural significance and brought it back with money and care, it really is one of the best damn shows on telly.