Saturday, February 27, 2010

OMG We’re On The TeeVee!

I can hardly believe it, but the cast of NBC’s TODAY Show aired a segment on Wednesday’s show where they came out to Victoria -- arriving by seaplane, having high tea at the Empress Hotel and ... this is the part that blew my mind ... having lunch at our favourite local seafood spot, Red Fish Blue Fish! We love that place and eat there all the time!

Now, I have to point out that while it looks as though they only travelled in a roughly one-block area of town (mere steps from our apartment I might add!), but actually Al Roker (and executive producer Jim Bell) were here a week ago and got around town a bit more. Even though they were incognito during their first visit, Roker and Bell were impressed enough to bring their co-stars in to do a full shoot last Monday, which aired on Wednesday’s show (with a lot of help from Tourism Victoria).

We are totally thrilled Victoria got a little free publicity out of the Olympic coverage, and hope it will inspire more of our friends and family to take a little trip up here -- if you think Victoria looks good in mid-February, you’ll love it even more as we move into spring, summer and fall!


G said...

Lauer looks cold.