Sunday, February 21, 2010

Oh happy day!

We've had I think nearly a week straight of sunny days! I think today is day 6 or 7...and I think it is supposed to be sunny tomorrow too.


I'm not ready to retire my wool coat yet, but the sunshine with temps hovering around 10C/50F for the highs is definitely a sign that spring is very near. The cherry trees are all popping with white and pink blossoms, there are clumps of snowdrops blooming, and I've even begun seeing the random daffodil. When the ground is littered with wildflowers, it will be spring.

I can hardly wait. My allergies on the other hand...ha ha ha! Too bad my allergy testing isn't until summer, but oh well, I'll just pop pills and supplements to try to make it through ok as usual.

Looks like it is almost 13C/55F out right now...why am I still at the computer?! I'm getting the heck outside and I might not even wear my wool coat!

I'll leave you readers with a nice pic I found on Flickr just now

It was taken at Beacon Hill Park across the street from where we live.

(credit goes to ngawangchodron)


Anonymous said...

NBC Today Show's excursion to Victoria here:

chas_m said...

Wow, that was awesome! THANK YOU!