Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome to 2010!

(above) Some Victorians (not us!) started their New Year off with a Polar Bear dip.

This new year holds a lot of promise for both of us and we hope it does for you as well. This will be my third year covering the Victoria Film Festival, it will be the year I get Landed Immigrant Status (Permanent Resident) status*, I have an interesting new job to work with (nothing much, but it certainly helps!) and new friends to enjoy.

*assuming things go smoothly, you know what they said about best laid plans ...

So far, this winter has been mild and well, kind of boring compared to last year's freak snowstorm. Unlike most of the rest of the country, Victoria normally has pretty mild winters, with lots of gray and rain but not actually all that much cold. We've certainly had chilly days, but nothing we've had to pull out the heavy coats for so far. Having said that, our winter may get more harsh as we go along, so maybe by February I'll be regretting this entry. :)

We also hope 2010 is a year of more travel, despite the best efforts of US Homeland "Security" to persuade us not to visit. We look forward to seeing friends and relatives again soon!

Happy New Year!


heddo said...

You haven't pulled out a heavy coat, but I still favour my warm wool coat right now. :)