Sunday, December 14, 2008


I'm reminded of the Monty Python sketch where Eric Idle is trying to get out of the military by complaining that he was specifically told there would be "no killing."

We specifically moved to Victoria on the promise of very little snow -- just enough to look pretty, once a year maybe. But last night it really started coming down, and this morning it's showing no signs of relenting, meaning we should be seeing kids with sleds out in the parks shortly.

Here's a shot from our balcony taken just minutes ago:


Anonymous said...

Welcome to west coast snow storms.

We are a country that likes to list our cold/snow records (Montreal fights with Moscow as to who removes the most snow from their streets. Ottawa fights with Ulan Bator as to who is the coldest capital city, etc etc). The whole country, except for the BC south west corner, enjoy complaining about how cold, snowy, windchilly, it is in there community - and they look down their noses at us. We have, in their opinion, nothing to complain about.

And yet, irony of ironies, Victoria has the record for the most snowfall in a single storm. In 1996 Victoria received more than a meter (39in) in single snowfall. Makes sense when you consider that an inch of rain will produce about 10 inches of snow. And when you regularly measure rainfalls in inches - well - drop the temperature a few degrees and you have a west coast snow storm.

Its snowing here on Salt Spring too.

ps Victoria didn't call in the army in 1996. Next time a Torontonian needs to have their ego pricked - mention the meter of snow and then no army involvement.

Anonymous said...

OK, remember that part about one cm of rain becomes 10 cm of snow if the temperature is cold enough? Big storm is coming our way.... NIce thing is, in February all this will be bad memory, and it will be spring.

Cheers from Salt Spring.