Monday, December 8, 2008

Disembodied BC Feet Update

We've been following this bizarre story for a while now, but there is some additional news to report: DNA testing has now matched two pairs of the now-seven feet which have been washing up individually on shores in British Columbia and Washington State for the last two years. A capsule summary of the story as of last month can be found here. (this link is to a video, broadband is required)

The latest foot found does indeed match to a female whose right foot was found back in May. While the media has not released the name, it's now widely believed to be the feet of a small airplane crash victim.

The other two feet that have now been matched are believed to have belonged to a male, a likely suicide.

A map of the found feet is here, and is updated when new information is discovered. At present, five of the seven feet have now been identified (a fifth foot was identified but no further information on that one has been released by request of the family).