Thursday, December 25, 2008

200th post, and Season’s Greetings!

Our special Holiday Message to all our readers, friends, family and iPals* this holiday season. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Great Festivus and to our aethist pals, have a nice Thursday!

(well we used to have a YouTube clip here, but Viacom will be getting a hearty “Merry FU” and a lump of coal from me this year ...)

US readers can click this:

Canadians (whom Comedy Central clearly seems to think are second-class citizens) will have to visit this link.

(Just to keep this relevant to this blog’s focus, Feiss is Canadian, Elvis Costello is married to a Canadian, Stephen Colbert regularly makes fun of Canada, Jon Stewart regularly reports on Canada, and I'm sure Willie Nelson, Toby Keith and John Legend have played Canada at some point).

PS. Here's your holiday royalty cheque, Nick Lowe !

*“iPals” meaning “internet-only acquaintances/buddies/friends” is mine. Don't steal it without crediting me.


forest wisdom said...


Happy all of the above to you as well sir. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh well, video is no longer available. But.... to keep what appears to be a Canadian thread going, I can add Willy Nelson. Valdy, an Iconic Canadian folk singer (who lives on Salt Spring) sings a song Willy called "Scruffy Dudes".

Happy New Year

Anonymous said...
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