Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Year of Living Dangerously

It was one year ago today -- exactly -- that Heather and I left Orlando and started our seven-week roadtrip across the US before finally immigrating to Canada.

Since then, we've been tremendously blessed with supportive family and friends, a few of whom have come up to see us (and we appreciate the effort that takes!). We've had a marvelous time in our new country, no small thanks due to the fine people here and Heather's ability to find work. I'm not sure we mentioned it on the blog, but Heather is now formally "in" the healthcare system here, which contrary to myth is not free (but it is very cheap!).

Both Canadian Thanksgiving and Canadian National Elections are less than a week away, so we'll have a lot to say about those things, but here's another chance for me to give thanks to the people who helped us get up here, the people up here who have taken us under their wing, our friends who have visited and those who will do so eventually. If you're feeling nostalgic, click over to our Gallery (you can also be automatically updated to new pictures via this RSS link ) and have a look at what we doing a year ago this month as we drove up the eastern seaboard.