Sunday, May 18, 2008

It is definitely the season here...

They have started the Harbour Ferry Ballet*. It is going on now actually. We can see it from our place but we cannot hear the music that goes with it sadly. We do hear, however, lots of boat horns many times a day now. The mv Coho makes many trips to Port Angeles daily and the Clipper to Seattle, but we are now also getting the cruise ships. The last few Saturdays we have been getting 3 ships at Ogden Point and I think we have been having some during the week too.

*I linked a youtube video of this a little while back but this is a complete performance whereas that was a collage of performances. You can see the mv Coho in the is the ship with a red stripe at the bottom docked. It just left a few minutes ago. Our building shows up in a few of the long shots too.