Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Our Last Vancouver Pictures ... Till Next Time!

What? Still more road-trip pictures that hadn't been published?! Why I oughta ...

I'm not sure why I didn't put these up before ... probably because the US part of the trip was over and I thought most people would lose interest after that, but that seems not to be the case.

After we crossed the border on Thanksgiving Eve, we spent a couple of days in the suburb of Richmond (which apparently has some lovely areas, but we were out by the airport) near Vancouver. Victoria is on Vancouver Island, but the actual downtown of Vancouver is itself a sort of island (well, a peninsula), as you can see here:

Richmond isn't seen in this picture, but it would be off below the lower middle part of the picture.

The large white Tylenol Gelcap on the right middle side of the photo is BC Place Stadium, where the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2010 Olympics will be held. There's a street that runs from it across the photo to the large green area on the left called Robson, which is kind of the "arts street" in that area, and the large green area is Stanley Park, a really beautiful place surrounding Coal Harbour.

That lower middle area at the bottom of the photo is called Granville Island, even though it's not actually an island. The inlet of water that divides it from downtown is called False Creek, because it's not a creek. Nor a river, I am told (see comments below!).

Our pictures start at that point, then we took a water taxi to the east side and the Skytrain around to Canada Place. The next day, we visited with a family friend of Helena and Michael's named Yvette, who was just stunningly warm and wonderful to us (considering she hadn't seen Heather since she was a baby!), taking us to lunch at the Vancouver Art Gallery. We parted company and headed back to Richmond on our way to Tsawwassen (saw-WAS-n), the port where the BC ferries would cart us to our final destination and new home ... Victoria!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a good day in Vancouver (aka The Big Smoke, or Terminal City, among others). Can I suggest a couple of corrections to the captions? False Creek is not a river. It is merely a finger of English Bay that pokes inland. As trivia note, the train station you have in your gallery - the photo of Pacific Central - is built on land that was filled in from what was then the east end of False Creek.

I don't think that is the CN Tower. "The" CN tower is in Toronto. Calgary also has one, but its not very tall. I don't think CN built this particular tower, in Vancouver. But I could be wrong.

Pacific Centre Mall (in your photos) will be home to the newest Canadian Apple Store sometime this year.

Nice photos! Visit Salt Spring some time, eh!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to make a correction in your description. The Tylenol Gelcap you refer to is called BC Place Stadium. That is where the opening/closing ceremonies for the 2010 Olympics will be held. General Motors Place (GM Place or "The Garage") as locals call it, is the arena next to it.

chas_m said...

Thanks for the comments, I will make the corrections momentarily. I don't know WHAT I was thinking calling the Harbour Centre tower the CN tower. I guess it sort of looks like the CN tower ...

We look forward to visiting Salt Spring Island soon!