Monday, February 4, 2008

I feel very accomplished.

I took the bus too and from work today for the first time since I started my job (had been carpooling up til now). It was loads easier doing this from our new place. The stop is actually a little further than it would have been if I had taken the bus from the hotel we were at before. The advantage now? Nicer and more populated area to wait at 7am as it is still dark out and no transfers...I can get on, chill for 30 minutes, and get off in front of my office with most of the rest of the bus. The stop is .6 km, or 3/10 of a mile, as previously posted. The walk this morning was about 10 minutes, at a brisk pace, and partly some exercise there! That helped generate some heat as it was 3C/38F this morning. I was not too cold, though my hands were in my pocket most of the time. I also got to use the free February pass I won at the Monthly Guest meeting at the old hotel last week. Whee!!

Earlier this evening we went to Irish Times for their 2 for 1 Fish and Chips. It was near Plan B Lounge where one of the shorts programs was showing for the Victoria Film Festival. The other film for the night was a few blocks away at the Empire Theater/Capitol 6. I decided I did not want to see the films tonight...the former because the films did not interest me so much, the latter because it started late and I was afraid I'd get out too late and not get home in time for bed. Chas is still out and bedtime is after this post is done. Anyhow, so I crossed over a block or so and caught a bus back home. Well, close enough to home. I was on it for a few minutes and it let me off close to our street, but I still walked about 2 blocks to get back...that was nothing really though. It was that or wait outside for the 30 for a little longer which would bring me closer and have less of a walk. I chose the 28 and hoofed it a little. :P I probably could have walked the whole way in 15-20 minutes, and had it not been wet out, I might have.

Anyhow, these things may not seem like much of achievements to you, dear readers, but they are to me. They are accomplishments and make me feel good.