Tuesday, January 22, 2008

We Got Digs!

Today was another big milestone ... we put down a deposit on a new apartment. It's a simple, furnished one-bedroom flat with a lot less space than our old place (just under 700 sq feet not counting the balcony), but because so little of our "junk" from the old place came with us, we've gotten quite used to living in a smaller space. We'll tell you more (or more accurately show you more) about it in future posts, but we're happy that we'll soon have a "permanent" address in Victoria (which will help us with things like bank accounts, immigration, registration for our van and a whole lot more).


Jim Donato said...

Yow! I thought that you couldn't get smaller than our 36'x24' home [864 nominal sq. ft.] but you've succeeded. Just don't have too many parties and you'll do fine. In fact, you'll now redefine party as being 2 more people!

chas_m said...

In Victoria, nearly 700 sq ft is usually defined as a "spacious" one bedroom.

We could have gotten something bigger, and we will do so next year when the lease expires, but this meets our needs nicely for now.

The "living room" is big enough for a small gathering of the sort we used to have. Perfect for "groovy movies" as long as we don't have more than five or six of us!

Liz said...

Congratulations! I'm so glad you got a place! I'm sure it will be veeery cozy but you should be able to fit everything in okay (my place is 550 sq. ft. so I know whatcha mean). Besides, it must be such a relief to have a place of your own. :)