Sunday, January 27, 2008

We Got Snow!!

Snow is a bit of a rare event here in Victoria. We got a little bit on the ground the first week we got here, but haven't seen any since. The snow pictured above isn't likely to stick, but it's really coming down at the moment. The northern part of the island got a foot-and-a-half of it, so perhaps we'll wake up to a winter wonderland.

As former Floridians, all we can say is: WHEEEEEE!


Anonymous said...

The not so anonymous Mark Glenn writes:

On January 19, we got snow too! First time in 2 years for Atlanta. We scooped up most of the front yard to make this snowman:
Ned the snowman. While the fallen snow went away in a day or two, Ned managed to hang on for almost a week.

I'm still working on the Best of WRAS 2007 CD, please be patient.