Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Years PSAs

New year, new hotel, new room (now with!). We sent an email out earlier this week with the new address, but if we missed you, let us know. If you already sent us something to the old worries. The old hotel has my cell to let us know if they have any mail for us...they have called us twice so far.

Also, as of the new year, my old T-Mobile cell number is officially canceled. We are working on getting the FL number up in this new room. If you call, we will still get your message...all the messages are emailed to Chas in an audio file. If you want the new hotel number and room or my new cell, just ask.

And last of all, I start my new job in the morning. New job, new people, new city, new country, new butterflies in my tummy.


mkuzyk said...

just came across a post of yours on - You're in my town, welcome to Victoria!

chas_m said...

Thank you!