Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A New Year, A New Country

Happy 2008 to all and sundry. I don't think I've ever been on Pacific Standard Time for a new year's celebration. It's neat to watch all the other provinces (or states if you're watching US channels) lighting up each hour.


agnustic said...

Hello Chas and Heather,

Somehow I came across your blog about immigrating to Canada. Thank you for posting your experiences. Ever since the early 80s I never felt comfortable in the land of my birth.

I was stationed in Europe in the military.

I did visit Ontario and British Columbia in the mid 80s and had the same positive impression of Canadians and Canada.

I may, yet, one day make the transition to Canada. May I ask, what were all the steps, documentation and other information an individual making the transition might need to know?

BTW, the Taco Bell does really not sell an authentic taco.

Troy in Portales, New Mexico

chas_m said...

Thanks for finding us Troy, and pleased to meet you!

re: Taco Bell -- yeah I know, but the "fast food mexican" up here is sooo bad compared to TB. :)

As for steps, we'll be talking a lot about that in the coming weeks, so stay tuned, but in brief it's best that you line up some work in Canada beforehand (I didn't) or be married to a Canadian for some considerable time (I did that!). Canada is bursting with opportunity at the moment but they're not just letting anyone in willy-nilly either. Be prepared to have enough money on hand to live for a couple of years or more just in case.

A clean criminal record, good documentation and a friendly attitude seem to *really* help. You'll need an immigration attorney if you have any complicating circumstances (like a need to go back to the US or Europe frequently, etc).

The Canadian government is ALL ABOUT the paperwork! :)