Friday, December 21, 2007

Holiday Cards -- It’s Complicated.

A few minutes ago, I sent out an iCard version of our 2007 Holiday Card to most of the people on my list for whom I have a working email address.

If you didn’t get one, and would like one, email with your email address.

Physical cards are being printed and won’t get out in time for xmas*, but many reading this will get one. Think of them as New Year's cards. :)

*(“What do you mean, the US is a foreign country?” asks Mr. Last Minute at the Canada Post Office ...)

If you'd like one, email me your physical address. If I’ve mailed you something in the past year (including last year’s xmas card), then I have your address and you’ll probably be getting a card soon, so no worries.


Farrell said...

Hey, *I* wouldn't mind getting an e-card of sorts. God knows I've earned it; I'm back on depression medication and seeing a therapist. I'm unemployed and running out of cash, and my brother just got his leg amputated. If that doesn't spell "suck", I don't know what does.

Love you and miss you.

Objects in post may be less depressed than they appear.