Thursday, December 27, 2007

General PSA

I don't think this is a problem yet, but I just wanted to take a minute and point something out that we only recently realized ourselves.

Before we crossed the border, Chas had his cell phone number forward to mine, as he knew he could not make or receive calls on the iPhone in Canada, and knew from past experience that mine would work. And as you may recall, I recently posted about getting a new number here on my existing phone. I just had to "unlock" my phone from T-Mobile and add a Fido SIM card in place of my T-Mobile one and bingo it works! Well, herein lies the problem...

If someone calls Chas, the get routed to my OLD number, which I don't use anymore. He has no way of changing that as he has no service to change it on, and besides, it would cost him a lot of money to forward to the Canadian number anyhow.

Now currently, I still technically have the OLD service active since I don't want to pay the $93 bill just yet in order to cancel it. That means that I can still get to my voicemail if I call from our VOIP Florida number...if I remember to check it that is. :) In any case, since I don't know exactly *when* I will cancel the old number, neither will you, so it is best to use the VOIP number or email Chas, because calling his number will eventually get you nowhere.

If you are in need of the VOIP number, why doncha send us an email? :)