Monday, November 12, 2007

More About Nebraska

We've had some requests for more information about the view in Nebraska, so I've created a small photo gallery. Enjoy.

(tip o' the topper to Jim for the idea)


Farrell said...

Well, that is lovely. Certainly accurate. Hope you're warm and comfy in Jackson Hole.

Jim Donato said...

That wasn't so bad, though kudos for the Mini-Nebraska page! You have to admit, the West has a certain grandeur you just don't get on the East Coast, yes?

Hey - did they make you listen to a lot of Bruce Springsteen there?

chas_m said...

The midwest and west seemed to have finally (FINALLY!) moved on from 70s power rock and now everywhere (and I do mean EVERYWHERE) we went we were bombarded with ... NEW WAVE!

Not just the obvious commercial hits, either! Elvis Costello is actually CATCHING ON around here!



Jim Donato said...

Well, REO Speedwagon must be cryin' in their beer!