Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ha-Ha, We Kid Nebraska

Okay, okay, that was amusing ...

But seriously folks, a fair few people have asked me to see more of Iowa/Nebraska landscape because us East Coaster types just aren't that familiar with the "real" midwest and west. Sadly, I didn't take a whole heck of a lot of pictures, but luckily for us all Prof. Ken Dewey with the University of Nebraska at Lincoln School of Natural Resources takes a great interest in Nebraska's (and surrounding states) landscape, and kindly made available some pictures to supplement my own.

A small percentage of the pics on this page are mine, but most are his. I have picked those photos that reflect what we actually saw as we toured the state, so think of them as pictures we would have taken if we weren't so busy driving. There is a lot more of Prof. Dewey's photography to be found here, and we appreciate his efforts.

The real Nebraska web gallery.

Next up: on to Fort Collins, Colorado!