Tuesday, October 23, 2007

“Southern” Leg of the Tour Now Complete!

Guten Tag from Germantown, MD! Sadly, that’s about all the German you’ll find here in this meticulously planned* bedroom community to Washington DC, where we will be for a few days.

*(I’m not saying that's a bad thing -- we’ve found the place quite well-organised and likeable. More small towns like this would be welcome in 21st century America.)

We took a couple of hours on Monday to drive along part of the Blue Ridge Parkway, a national park that is also a mountainous, winding roadway showcasing and part of the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina and Virgina. You can learn more about this fascinating national treasure via Wikipedia. Note how we keep coming back to FDR!

I was hoping to stay on the BRP long enough to get to the Virgina state line, but progress on the very climbing (well over a mile above sea level at some points!) and windy road, combined with poor visibility due to rain and fog, forced us to get back on the “normal” roadways and travel through western Virgina and into DC in order to avoid being on the road all day (as it is, it took us 10 hours).

That doesn’t mean we didn't get to see some great fall colours, drive through some moutain tunnels and spot some wildlife. So far on this trip we’ve seen deer, a family of black bears, and wild turkey. We hope that the next time we are in this area, we have the opportunity to drive along the BRP again -- fall is really a great time to see it! I should also say a nice word or two about Asheville – we really like it there! So many cool little shops and coffeehouses/restaurants to enjoy! We will certainly return, especially as two of our dearest friends (Jim and Sue) live there, and some others are known to visit there periodically.

While we are in DC, we are going to do the usual sorts of sightseeing of course, but we are also going to spend time with my great gal pal Maisie and her family. She is one of the few people from my Miami days who has faithfully stayed in touch, and who shares my love of the weird and wonderful. We’re going to expose her and the kids to the new series of Doctor Who and other oddness. What fun!!


Anonymous said...

Chas and Heather:

Hope you both are safe and well.

I thought you'd like to know first from me that I won't be in Pittsburgh this weekend. I will be there NEXT weekend, though, as TJ and Wendy finally arranged to get moved out of the old place, now that the new place is ready.

It seems that he wants for me to clean out his old place whilst emptying out his storage unit.

BTW, I am curious about Bush and FEMA- is it just me, or are they responding faster as a result of the Katrina debacle, or because there are mostly white folks in San Diego?

Oh, well.

Talk soon.

Elizabeth said...

I remember Maisie! I still have pictures from that time we visited her in 1985. Tell her I said Hello!

Love to you both.