Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I feel so much better knowing we are fully out of the apartment. I thought we'd never get it done, as it seemed there was an endless amount of crap stuff there. Very grateful our complex was lenient with our out date. They did the walk-through yesterday afternoon and we passed with flying colours, but we missed them by a few minutes yesterday afternoon to turn the keys in and get the deposit info so we have to do that today in addition to other things. We still have to go through a lot of the, er, stuff that we moved to the Roxbury house we are staying at til we leave (thanks once again to Brenda and Bill...anyone locally should take cooking classes with Bill). We need to find time to donate Bluey (our name for Chas' blue Buick that sounds like Chewbacca when the power steering fluid is low...hee hee hee!) to one of the NPR staions in town...either WMFE or WUCF, bith of which have car donation programs.

Today will be a slower day, well, maybe not exactly slower, but at least more relaxed and easier since there are no official deadlines today like there were yesterday. That's good for me because I woke up with migraine supreme a few hours ago, and still trying to recover so I can be productive today. Still hurting badly but at least being semi-productive now. I found my Rhino Horn neti pot* and salt, but need to find the spoon to measure the salt to use, but once I find it, it should help with the congestion which is part of the headache problem. I think we are going to The Melting Pot (a fondue restaurant) with friends tonight and that means cheese fondue is the appetizer, so I think it wise I try to find the spoon, or something to measure 1/4 tsp. Ack, ok, enough about my crappy sinuses and allergies. Sorry.

Think I am gonna try to catch Monday's episode of Heroes, while I am still only semi-productive, and while Chas is out for a bit. Hoping the wireless holds up to that, since we are kinda far from the wireless source in the house here. Cheers to everyone, and Happy Humpday!

*Instructional videos here for those interested and want to *see* how to use it rather than read the directions.