Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Phase 1 Complete!

Well, it took us two days longer than we initially thought, but as of yesterday the old apartment is completely empty, clean and ready to rent again. We spent more money that I had hoped getting it back into shape (movers and maids), but I have to say that everyone did a great job. Hopefully we'll get our full deposit back!

Many thanks to our friends Walt and Brian who really came through with manpower (sorry, sexist -- person power!) to help, and to our scavenger neighbours who carted off everything we took to the dumpster (we would have gotten in trouble if we'd left them there, but we needn't have worried!). We also donated a crapload (that's the technical term) of stuff to Thriftko and Goodwill.

A shout-out also to Apartment Movers and You've Got Maids, who did a lot of work at very reasonable rates. If you are in one of the cities served by these companies and need help moving, these are the guys to call.

Of course, we must also mention the generosity of our friends Brenda and Bill who have graciously let us stay with them while we wrap up loose ends, and who kindly took us out to a wonderful meal at Tolla's  restaurant in Winter Park. A great cap to a long day.

As you can imagine, we are exhausted -- but there is still some work to do. Today's goals include sorting, purging and re-packing some material to put in the storage unit, making some final decisions about exactly what stuff is going in the van with us, and donating my trusty old Buick to a local radio station to support public radio.

Launch date is coming -- stay tuned!