Thursday, September 9, 2010

Working Ironically

The good news: I finally got a real, identifiable job.

The ironic news: despite being the owner of a shiny new Canadian work permit, my new job is as an American “independent contractor” so I didn’t end up needing the permit (at least, not yet). Even more ironically, my new job is with a company I have worked for before (albeit a long time ago).

I have signed on as a staff reporter (again) for, the leading Mac news website on the inter-tubes. People who know me will need a short break to roll their eyes at the obviousness of my suitability for this job. :)

Here’s a link to my first story for the site in over 10 years.

For now, my job will mostly be machete-ing my way through the thick haystacks of press releases looking for needles of real news relevant to the larger Mac community. Eventually I'll do other stuff with/for them.

It’s a great, popular web site (about 60,000 daily readers) that I’ve been reading regularly since before I worked for them last time (back in the very early days of the site). I’m very proud to be associated with them and look forward to being a regular newswriter again. It is, after all, what I’m trained to do.

This new job is in addition to the forum moderation and “evangelism” duties I perform for ACD Systems, but that is a part-time gig (though it’s going to expand in 2011).

Of course it will be a while yet before the money is flowing regularly and things stabilize, but it will be so good to be able to more evenly contribute to the income of the household. My wife has done yeoman service in keeping our heads above water for quite some time, and while she hasn’t been our only source of income she has been the most consistent one, and I owe her much gratitude; I look forward to spending some cash on her above and beyond the bare necessities of life.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I hope you will have the time to continue updating the blog....

Salt Spring Fall Fair next weekend.....