Friday, June 4, 2010

Drill Baby Drill

This is a map of what the Eco Disaster in the Gulf would look like if it were centred here in Victoria BC:

You can visit to see what it would look like if it happened to you. I wish I could position the spill on top of Sarah Palin’s house, quite frankly ...


Anonymous said...

Not really an accurate representation at all - the spill is unlikely to run up the sides of the mountains on Vancouver Island, the North Shore of Vancouver, and the Olympics.

And, the spill would have spread much much further. The Gulf of Mexico has negligible tides, the Strait of Georgia has ferocious tidal currents - as I'm sure you've noticed on walks by the beaches.

40 plus days of the oil being pushed up and down, back and forth, twice a day, by currents that can reach 12+ knots.

I think any spill in the Strait would have spread all the way up the inside waterways to Port Hardy, and spilled all the way out into the Pacific where it would have been pushed far up and down the coast.

Thankfully there are no oil deposits under Salt Spring.

chas_m said...

Fair points, but I think the purpose of the site is to show the SIZE of the leak to people who don't live near enough to the Gulf of Mexico to appreciate that, rather than to represent what the leak would look like under different oceanographic/geologic conditions.

But as you mention, had a disaster of that magnitude happened off the Maritimes or off California's coast, the resulting mass would travel differently and could have an even bigger impact that what we're seeing so far.