Saturday, March 20, 2010

One Last Look at the Olympics

I’m frankly embarrassed that it took me this long to post (in this blog anyway) my latest stand-up set from Phillips Comedy Night (though I will soon be doing other gigs around town too!). It’s about the just-past Winter Olympics, and I’ve included almost the entire set this time (I usually boil it down to just one or two jokes because I may want to re-use the material).

Why? Well, I figure it will be four years (at least) before I get to re-use Olympic comedy bits, and by then you’ll all have forgotten these bon mots, so what the heck. It’s safe for work (and part of a complete breakfast). Enjoy.

PS. If you’d like, you can follow Phillips Comedy Night on the Facebook and the Twitter. If you’re in the Victoria area, it’s worthwhile to keep up with them, as the Victoria Event Centre does other comedy, improv and theatrical events as well.


Nancy said...

Hi Chas,

Was learning how to make a paperbag mushroom for the Spore Project on Doug Rhodehamel's site and noticed your blog on his list. Hope you guys are doing well--it certainly appears that way. Vancouver is lovely--I was there a number of years ago when I visited my sister north of Seattle.

Some good material in this Olympics bit--got several laughter bursts from me. Take care.

chas_m said...

Thanks, Nancy!