Thursday, January 21, 2010

Nissan Figaro in Victoria!

I am not now nor ever have been a big car fancier, but I do pay attention to good design and appreciate reliable cars, so occasionally a hunk of metal, wheels and horns has been able to turn my head.

On a TV show I enjoy called The Sarah Jane Adventures, right from the first episode I noticed the lead character's car. I'd never seen one quite like it, and it's incredibly fetching.

Turns out it is a Nissan Figaro (not sure what year), a car rarely seen outside Japan and UK car-collector type shows. So I was quite surprised and delighted to see one in Victoria:

Maybe Sarah Jane is investigating mysterious goings-on at Christchurch Cathedral? (it was parked right beside it):


Anonymous said...


Wikipedia has what appears to be a pretty comprehensive article on the Nissan Figaro (which i'd never heard of until i read your post). Did you know that only 20,000 were manufactured (in 1991)?