Monday, November 23, 2009

Send In the Clowns

Yesterday evening, I made my Canadian stand-up debut at the Victoria Event Centre (despite the fancy name, it’s just a little club with a stage that hosts various things) as part of the Phillips Comedy Night. The show consists of a “first act” of mostly sketch comedy and improv competition, then an intermission followed by a few stand-up acts, and some sort of finale. I did a 10-minute set that was warmly received by a friendly audience on the exact two-year anniversary of our crossing the border into Canada. At some point I'll put up a short YouTube segment, but for now this lovely photo Heather took will have to do:

I'm tentatively scheduled to do it again on December 13th.

UPDATE: As promised, here’s a brief clip:


Anonymous said...

"Chaplin should have been so funny"
- Le Figaro

"He makes me laff"
- Jan Murray

"Not since the war have I felt such emotion"
- Mme. DeGaulle

Brrr said...

Taco Bell is really a non-player in the prairies too. Most of them have closed and the few that are still around are empty even during supper time.

Taco Time is just better food. All Taco Bell's ads do is remind people they want Mexican, nobody in their right mind actually wants to get that Mexican food from Taco Hell! :)

Anonymous said...


The Taco Bell segment was great! Please post your whole routine.

Ben Markeson