Sunday, October 4, 2009

We Can Has Royalz?

We’ve just learned that Prince Charles and Camilla will be including Victoria on their 12-city tour of Canada in early November. We are pleased that Their Royal Highnesses will be coming here, the city that has to be the most British place I’ve ever been to outside Britain.

Prince Charles has been here before, most notably shortly after his first marriage to Diana, but this will mark Camilla’s first visit, at least as his wife. Having recently seen a video of her at a recent Royal event actually paying for groceries with her own money, I’ve kind of warmed up to her a bit more and now see her place in royal history more clearly (a recent Doctor Who episode placed Camilla alongside Madame du Pompadour historically).

I’m hoping they will do a public meet-and-greet like the Emperor Akihito did; I’d love to at least get some pictures of the old gentleman as he slowly morphs into Tom Baker. :)

It won’t be the first time I’ve seen the Prince up close, but it has been nearly three decades. He’s actually a much more interesting guy than people realise ... or maybe I’m biased because we share a name. :)