Thursday, October 29, 2009

Back in Florida (Again)

So I’m back in the Winter Park and Altamonte Springs area for a few days, once again trying to live life to the fullest without sweating to death (can’t believe it’s late October and still over!). I plan to see a lot of old friends, but last night I got to make a new one: WPRK DJ and fellow musicologist Phantom Third Channel (aka Tony). He and I hosted an episode of “The Bum Magnet’s (Un)Happy Hour,” which despite the name is actually a really fun show of mix-it-up indie programming, normally hosted by Miss Badkitty (aka Helen), but she was in Texas so she turned the show over to us. It was huge fun, and even if I do say so myself a lot of really wonderful music was played (PTC’s choices were easily as good as anything I brought along) and he and I have great (and compatible) musical tastes. Best of all I recorded it so at some point soon, I’ll post a link.

I also spent a portion of Wednesday getting a new US cell number and eating a baked potato at Jason’s Deli that was, seriously, bigger than my head -- so I think I’ve violated one of the Zappa Rules or something.

Other adventures planned for this week include attending a play, doing a monologue for Liz Langley where I will be dressed as a vagina (get it?), attending Hurricane Who, doing a presentation on “Me and Douglas Adams,” and finding where in our storage unit we’ve hidden our photos so I can bring back to Canada with me (for actual immigration purposes!). More to come, stay tuned!