Monday, September 7, 2009

We Are Festival-ed Up!

Whew! After a solid week of attending Fringe shows, you’d think the festival crowd in Victoria would want to take a bit of a breather over the Labour Day holiday, but no!

This past weekend saw the arrival of the Classic Boat Festival, the Blues Bash, the Saanich Fair,  the Greek Fest and the James Bay Art Walk. Man, this town sure knows how to send off the summer with a bang! Even across three days, who’s got time to do all this stuff??

It has been wonderful getting further into Victoria’s rich cultural scene, and we’ve particularly enjoyed not only the shows themselves but the chance to visit many of the “spaces” in town that we’d not been previously able to get to. For example, the auditorium in which we saw the play “The War of 1812” at St. Ann’s Academy was built in 1910 in the “Edwardian” style. Not the oldest theatre I’ve ever been to, but a beautiful example of the style.

All in all, it’s been a terrific week to be here.