Monday, September 28, 2009

If Kimberly Young had lived in Canada ...

... she’d be alive today. Read the whole sad story and then ask yourself why US health insurance is tied to a job, when getting sick isn’t.

Ask yourself why for-profit corporations, who by law have to maximize profits for their investors, are in charge of making medical decisions in the US.

Ask yourself why have US insurance premiums doubled in the last 10 years, and why insurance CEOs get paid millions, when the rest of the industrialized world spends about half as much per capita and gets longer lifespans, lower risk of serious illness, more productivity, less infant mortality and higher quality of life than the US does.

For half the money.


Toronto Realtor said...

You are totally right. I don't understand the people protesting and wanting to keep the current system in the US. It's just terrible that someone decides whether you live or die basing on the profit they make out of you. I would compare the current US system to a third world country health care system. It's nothing but a huge profit maker and that needs to change in order to get the quality people really deserve for what they pay.

Take care, Elli