Friday, August 14, 2009

This is Worrying ...

Meanwhile, in the real world (aka Canada), where the healthcare “debate” was settled decades ago (along with gay marriage, abortion and gun control), where we concern ourselves with issues that are actually happening instead of imaginary scaremongering, here’s a problem that should concern all North Americans:

Millions of salmon fail to turn up in Canada - Yahoo! News

I’m no salmon connoisseur, but Sockeye salmon is the best I’ve ever tasted and back east it was served as a rare delicacy in upscale restaurants (like our beloved Artists’ Point). Our local stocks are well-protected so the price of farm Sockeye probably won’t rise significantly, but wild Sockeye will now become as rare here as it was in Florida. Finding out what happened and what -- if anything -- should be done about it is important. Maybe it’s nothing -- change of migratory patterns or just a delayed return -- but maybe it’s not, and finding that out will help us understand what’s happening in our environment and able to predict or change things for the better.

Or maybe they’ve all been disposed of by Obama’s “death panels” for not being “productive” enough.


Mark laver said...

Hi there, thought you might be interested to know that not all the salmon are disappearing. The ones in trouble are swimming past fish farms as tiny fry. Here's a link to an amazing independent scientist fighting for the survival of wild salmon...enjoy!