Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Swiftsure Races started yesterday...

“A postcard-perfect day greeted sailors and spectators alike for the 66th annual Swiftsure International Yacht Race Saturday.

Hundreds gathered under bright sunshine at Clover Point to watch a technically “flawless,” albeit slow, start in light winds.

Dozens more, binoculars and cameras in hand, watched from waterfront perches along Dallas Road walkway.

“It was a flawless start from a technical point of view — no over earlies [over the start line] and no collisions — none of that. I think it was a competitive start. People kind of were bunched up all trying to get to the same point at the same time as opposed to being spread out,” said Mike Nusbaum, race publicity chairman.”

Read the rest here.

Addendum (by Chas): I’ve posted my own pics from Swiftsure here, and there are more (and frankly better) photos of the race that you can enjoy here and here.