Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spring Fling...

I took this picture (click it for larger view) about a month ago, and since, I have seen leaves budding on the bushes at The Empress, as well as other trees preparing to blossom. The City of Victoria gardeners have also been busy replanting in some areas with spring/summer plants. Spring is just around the corner. This picture is of a late winter bloom (generally a sign of early spring), but by the end of March I expect a lot more cherry trees will blossom as they tend to blossom in March and April, though milder weather may lead to earlier blooming. Let's hope for more milder weather! Actually, we have had a handful of days this year so far that have been nice little teases of spring. Bright and sunny, and relatively warm (daily high at or slightly above 10C/50F). It'll be nice when the high and low temps are above 10, teens even.

Tomorrow starts "Be A Tourist In Your Own Hometown" and runs til the 8th. Mainly it is a way to let the locals experience the tourist things without the throng of tourists for a discount. Tickets are $10 and some venues let you in free with that ticket and some offer a reduced rate, like half off of something. Although we have not gotten tickets (we're going to check out the offerings a little more though there are some I want to do, just not sure when/if I can due to work), Chas and I plan to go on the Ocean Magic tour (from Prince of Whales) for whale watching...this is the big boat as opposed to the zodiac I have taken before. We don't need the tickets...he's my plus one with my thing from work. The other reason for this event is so that the tourist attractions can begin "ramping up" for the season. Things have been slowly picking up more since Valentine's Day and it will only go from here; the first of 215 cruise ships to visit this year is set to arrive here on April 23rd. This year we have the famed "The World" cruise ship coming and staying for a few days in early July.

There are lots of things going on as always (plays, music venues, art venues, etc), but I think that the next big festival thing we'll do will be the 72nd annual Highland Games in May since it is sorta tradition for us to go to the games. We actually prefer the games back in Florida for all the imports and things, but here it is not hard finding your English sweets and other things so I can understand why they don't have those vendor booths. Last year's games were great though...it was sunny and warm and the park chosen was good I thought. I hope it is as nice or nicer this year. :)

I guess that is it for now.