Friday, March 20, 2009

Go Vulcan!

Vulcan Alberta, that is.

Seems that the small town in the province next door that happens to be named after Mr. Spocks’s home planet would like to “beam in” the forthcoming summer movie Star Trek XI to one of their theatres (literally -- it would be transmitted to the cinema by satellite!).

To that end, they have successfully enlisted the man himself -- Leonard Nimoy -- to their cause. He is lobbying Paramount to try harder to get the film into one of their theatres as part of the premiere (Paramount claims they “couldn’t work out the details”).

As something of a Star Trek (classic) geek myself, I would love to see this happen. It seems very lame to me that Paramount can’t figure out how to get this going. Maybe Vulcan is too small a town to have a satellite-savvy cinema already set up, but Paramount is blowing millions on promoting this baby, I think they would get far more than the $50K they’d need to spend to FedEx a receiving system up there back in terms of ink: the press love a kitschy angle when it comes to promoting Star Trek. Look at how much Riverside, Iowa has benefited from an event that isn't even scheduled to happen for another 219 years (and two days, not that I have James Tiberius Kirk’s future birth date memorised or anything).

Cmon Paramount, step up and do the right thing. To miss this opportunity would be ... wait for it ... most illogical.