Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Florida things *I* miss!

While I agree with some of what Chas writes, here is what *I* miss about Florida that he didn't mention.

Of course there are the people, like Chas said. And there are a bunch of you out there in Florida-land that fit this category. I can only hope that you'll be able to come and visit us. I do hope to get back to Orlando sometime this year. Nothing in stone but it is a goal of mine/ours.

Some places I miss are restaurants, though I think of all the places, only a few are open still. I've been told that Chef Henry's Cafe, Polonia, and Fuji Sushi are all now closed (update: Fuji is not closed, hurrah!). But I do miss Infusion Tea, in College Park, quite a bit. They have a great atmosphere...good tea and food. I am quite homesick for an Avocado Delight. Going there with Kristen or my mom are fond memories. I hope they'll be around when I get back there. There's also El Potro, this really cheap Mexican place we used to live by. Good food, good prices, good atmosphere. Of course there are the fast food places that I shouldn't like because they're not healthy but I still do anyway like Chik-Fil-A. Luckily we do have some old fast food favourites like Arby's, Quizno's and Subway.

I miss Park Avenue. The whole lot. Not that we don't have anything like it, we do, but it is not the same. Downtown is much like Park Ave only with souvenir shops and a 4-storey mall that occupies a city block. I guess Park Avenue is more like a little village lane and downtown is more downtown, a living, working, breathing downtown, only with some historic buildings and atmosphere. I can't explain it...downtown is like Park Avenue but it isn't at the same time. Park Ave for me back then was sort of like an escape from the rest of the city...I actually likened it to therapy. I was always happier after strolling down the street and wandering in the shops, even if I didn't buy anything.

DeLeon Springs was a little ways outside Orlando, but not terribly far, and it was a great escape for a lazy spring or summer morning. Make your own pancakes at the Old Spanish Sugar Mill, a dip in the cool springs, or a walk along the path...all very nice and made a nice day out! I hope to make it out to Sooke, to explore the "Sooke Potholes" and the vast parkland.

I miss Dr Who nights with the Wares and the Sellers...maybe that counts as people, but since it was a weekly event (when we could get together) that I always enjoyed, I'm counting it.

It may seem odd now, but I have been fairly nostalgic for the summer storms, the lightning and thunder, the power and force and fierceness of it all. I do NOT however miss driving in it or running from my car across a parking lot getting drenched in it. I find it peculiar the scarcity of thunder and lightning here. In the rare event that there is lightning or thunder here, we sorta cock our heads to the side and say, "Did I just see some lightning?" or "Was that thunder I just heard?" and then the waiting begins to see if there is a second occurence to confirm or deny the existence of said thunder or lightning. Also, the lightning seems to be more of the heat lightning variety and the thunder is like a baby lion's roar compared to the king of the jungle's mighty bellow.

I miss my CFEFCU (credit union) Visa check card. Our bank cards here are like glorified ATM cards. No affilliation to Visa or Mastercard, but can be used almost anywhere on the Interac system like stores, restaurants, etc. It just can't be used online for purchases or as a credit card to book/hold hotel reservations, etc. Also, my CFE card hard pretty yellow flowers on it and my current credit union debit card is blue, boring, and ugly (though we do quite like our credit union).

Well, I am tired and can't think of much more right now, but I will add to this list if I think of something else.