Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bonus Snow!

We’re quite surprised to report that it’s snowing again in Victoria, two months after our last snow.

Of course it’s the middle of the night, so we’ll see what it looks like by noon, but so far it’s starting to look like it might stick.

Not that we mind, of course, but we’re still getting used to having snow in our lives at all. Bonus snow was not expected, but we still say “Wheeee!”

If it sticks around till the afternoon, I will try to get out to Dallas Road and catch a picture of the sledding. I love seeing kids sled down the hill, reminds of some happy times during the ice storms in Atlanta (more about that some other time).

UPDATE: By morning it just looked like somebody had “confectioner sugar’d” the rooftops, and before lunch it was all gone. Sorry. :)


Anonymous said...

So, in other words - perfectly behaved snow. Looks pretty, but goes away before it actually inconveniences people - This is a great part of the world to live in, eh?