Sunday, January 11, 2009

We Can Has Landmark?

It turns out, thanks to the recent publication of a book about it, that the South Park School directly across the street from us is western Canada’s oldest continuous-use school. Built in 1894 in the Queen Anne style so popular at the time, the school has evolved of course but remains remarkably similar to the ideals enshrined by its founders.

Today, South Park would be considered kind of an “alternative” school, being very parent-driven and an active part of the James Bay community. The first principal of the school was Agnes Deans Cameron, a pioneer for women’s rights and a colourful figure of the day .

We’re delighted to see that two teachers at the school have taken it upon themselves to publish its history and the memories of former students, going back almost a century. Here’s a web site where you can sample some of the pages and photos.

Here’s how the school looks these days, from our balcony:


Anonymous said...

I think you mean that Ms Cameron was the first 'principal' (not principle). Small spelling difference, significant difference in meaning.

chas_m said...

Fixed. Thank you.